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Lesbian Vampire movies girls with bite!

Lesbian Vampire movies girls with bite!

Okay, so with the upcoming release of Lesbian Vampire Killers, we realized that there’s actually a fairly long history of lesbians and vampires in the movies. There’s something extremely sexy about a female vampire who likes to suck the blood of female victims . For that reason, we’re going to have a brief look at some of the best lesbian vampire movies around to whet your appetite for Lesbian Vampire Killers.

One of the earliest vampire movies to really look at lesbian vampires was Blood and Roses by Roger Vadim. The movie was adapted from Carmilla and although the main vampires aim is to take over the body of another female in order to get with the man in it, she does indeed go for the ladies throughout and it’s nice to see some lesbian elements so openly expressed in a 1960’s movie.

The 1970’s was a better era for lesbian vampires than perhaps any other. Movies like Vampyres clearly flaunted the lesbian vampire mythology to viewers with the two leading ladies clearly lusting after each other. Add to this the fact that they cut their male victims open and feed from their decidedly vaginal like wound and you have a lesbian vampire feast for the eyes. Vampyres, along with cult classic Vampyros Lesbos are perhaps two of the best known lesbian vampire movies of the 70’s. In Vampyros Lesbos the main storyline revolves around lesbian loving interspersed with surreal imagery and bizarre clothing. If you can make your way through this movie and understand it, you’re most likely a genius or insane.

By far one of the most memorable , sensual and strangely classy cult lesbian vampire movies is The Hunger (1983) starring Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie and Susan Sarandon. The Hunger is a must see movie if you love lesbians, vampires or both combined. One of the great things about The Hunger is that even though it’s still a little cheesy in places, it’s a lot more believable than some of the other Euro vampire lesbian movies. It’s set in New York, has some funky music in it and generally is pretty well shot. The scenes between Deneuve and Sarandon are sexy in the most traditional lesbian vampy way so do yourself a favour and rent this one out. Get some nice blood red wine in, a few of your favorite girlfriends around and enjoy the beauty of lesbian vampires on screen.

Due to the site migration we’ve lost Lesbian Geek’s original comments, so they are posted here for prosperity.

I´m a little confused about this whole lesbian vampire thing, as I see wildly opposing opinions on it from lesbians. The opposing view is that lesbian vampires are simply aimed at men´s fantasies and are a cliché in themselves, and overall offensive to lesbians, while the positive view is the one listed in the article, that the concept of lesbian vampires is just too sexy (I can think of at least one lesbian friend who gushes with glee and envy everytime Rayne moans as she gives a female victim the hickey of a lifetime). As far as lesbian vampire movies go, I saw one a few days ago named “Eternal” based around the historical character Erzebet Bathory, only set in modern day, she mostly seduces (and subsequently kills) women, I thought the movie was awful, but the kissing and fondling scenes are worth a look.

Jean Rollin, the French director, was probably the most prolific in the sub-genre. Check out his Vampire Boxset, pretty much all of them have a lesbian theme in them and aren’t really as centered on paranoia revolving around Women’s lib and newly wed brides going les as some of the other films are (though they’re still worth watching if you aren’t easily offended and have a sense of humor lol). His other non-vampire movies also have pretty strong lesbian themes in them like Living Dead Girl and Night of the Hunted.

lesbian vampire killers was okay!! i really liked this lesbian movie i just saw, I Can’t Think Straight. Its a humorous lesbian story!!

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