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Apple Netbook to be ten inch touchscreen?

Apple Netbook to be ten inch touchscreen?

What’s this, is the Apple Netbook – aka MacBook mini or MacBook nano – cat finally out of the bag? Well it is according to a Chinese newspaper that seems to be suggesting a Taiwanese company is presently making the touchscreen panels for Apple. Wintek is reported to be supplying touchscreen panels for the new Apple netbook, while One Laptop per Child maker Quanta Computer will be making the actual laptop.

The newspaper also suggested Apple will be releasing the item in only a few months time. Given the non excited reaction of fangirls / boys of the recent Apple upgrades and no new IP being announced, this would seem to make sense, but touchscreen panels on a netbook doesn’t sound right to us, perhaps it’s a pad? Needless to say Apple are keeping schtum on the claims at present.

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