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The L Word in Xbox Live Avatars – When Xbox Avatars meet The L Word – Article

The L Word in Xbox Live Avatars – When Xbox Avatars meet The L Word – Article

Yes we’ve been at it again with casting The L Word in video games. You may recall our L Word in MySims article – which you can search for or peek at in the All Articles section / Lesbian Amusement Mix – from ages back? Well with the “New Xbox Experience” released recently we wondered what the L Word cast might look like and what they’d be doing hanging out on Xbox Live.

With this in mind we’ve put together a full article and images of all your favorite L Word characters in Xbox Avatar form, along with a blurb about their gaming habits. You can check it out at the link below:

Xbox Live Avatar Bette Porter The L Word

Bette Porter
Bette is the artistic, business, mother hen dyke about town. When she’s on Xbox Live she plays to win and no one is gonna get in her way.

Bette’s favorite games are Overlord and Civilization Revolution because she loves controlling things. She’s also been seen logging into BioShock, we expect so she can gaze at its beauty, shed a tear and blast some stresses away.

Xbox Live Avatar Tina Kennard The L Word

Tina Kennard
Tina is the confused, oh no I’m not confused anymore, now I know what I want type. She owned an Xbox once before, then she traded it for a PS3 (gasp!!), then she got sick of the PS3 and realized all the good games were on the Xbox she originally had.

Her favorite game is presently The Spiderwick Chronicles because she can play it with her kid because that defines who she is now.

Xbox Live Avatar Shane McCutcheon The L Word

Shane McCutcheon
Shane is the good girl in bad girl clothing. She always wants to do the right thing, but somehow usually ends up doing the wrong thing. She’s also got a thing for the ladies. This explains her purchases of Dead or Alive Xtreme and Rumble Roses XX.

Shane’s favorite games of the moment include Saint’s Row and Halo 3. We also think she’ll shortly be playing Fallout 3 after what happened at Jenny’s party.

Xbox Live Avatar Jenny Schecter The L Word

Jenny Schecter
Jenny is a pixie, we mentioned this before. She likes playing games between self harming and episodic bitchiness. Jenny had big plans for the game of life, but her work in the supermarket meant she could only afford a PS1. Jenny then struck a lucrative deal and she went up market and bought an Xbox 360.

She’s not a good gamer though, she forgot all the friends she’d made in her PS1 days, treated them like shit and played Xbox with the tiny dog that follows her everywhere… that’s the Chihuahua not Adele.

Xbox Live Avatar Alice Pieszecki The L Word

Alice Pieszecki
Alice is the cute / funny one that never seems to choose the right one. This is probably why she had a Dreamcast she watched being played for years, then decided to play it, LOVED it and then the damn thing went and died on her.

Since then Alice has wandered aimlessly through Cooking Mama on the Wii for a brief period, before settling into some Call of Duty on Xbox Live, but we don’t think it will last.

Xbox Live Avatar Dana Fairbanks The L Word

Dana Fairbanks
Dana Fairbanks was a champion tennis player and a dork. Everyone loved Dana, but a deity called Chaiken put her in a skin colored shower cap at a basketball game and things went downhill from there.

Back in the day Dana was a master at Top Spin and SEGA Superstars Tennis. She used to love playing multi-player with Lara Perkins and Alice Pieszecki. There was also some multi-player with a freak called Tonya, but she took her off her friends list. Tonya talked too much whilst gaming saying things like "I can’t beleive I’m about to game with Dana Fairbanks".

Xbox Live Avatar Lara Perkins The L Word

Lara Perkins
Lara Perkins was an adorable chef, who became an adorable sex kitten, who became an adorable ex of Dana Fairbanks. Word has it Lara Perkins made the BEST "Finger Food" anyone had ever had. Dana seemed to think so, before she got all bald and weird and screamed at adorable Lara to leave. When she returned briefly Alice found out Lara made a great snack too.

When she lived in Vancouver … LA (it never gets old!) Lara’s favorite game was Cooking Mama on the Wii. Since she moved to San Fransisco she prefers Xbox Live so she can kick Alice’s ass on Call of Duty.

Xbox Live Avatar Helena Peabody The L Word

Helena Peabody
Helena got into gaming by way of her children whom she adored. No one knows where they went, but they disappeared, which was okay because Helena seemingly has no memory of them anyway. In their wake they left Helena the Xbox 360 and she’s grown to quite like it.

It’s not as expensive as the PS3, which is why Helena tells people she has one of those too. She’s presently seen logging into Just Cause and Need For Speed Most Wanted, probably something to do with recent company she kept.

Xbox Live Avatar Kit Porter The L Word

Kit Porter
Kit is a coffee store owning musician and a reminder that Bette Porter is a woman of color. She used to like to drink a bit too much so now she serves coffee and turns to Xbox instead of the bottle.

She was recently seen logging into Rock Band, probably trying to get back some of that old magic we all keep hearing about. She had some dude called Mangus on her friends list, but deleted him for bad babysitting practices.

Xbox Live Avatar Max Sweeney The L Word

Max Sweeney
Max used to be called Moira and lived in Illinois, that is till she met Jenny on Xbox Live and decided to take a road trip with her. Though Jenny does tend to confuse people, Max wasn’t one of them, Max knew she wanted to be a he and took to transitioning – everything but that voice.

Max is often heard on the Xbox Live headset saying "No dude, I really am a guy… I know my voice is high…..*sigh*" before switching it off and tutting.

Xbox Live Avatar Eva Papi Torres The L Word

Eva ‘Papi’ Torres
Yo yo yo what up y’all! Dis here is Papi and she is da bomb baby! Sorry, I’ll stop that now. Papi is a caricature of a Latino lady, she’s not cool like Carmen though, because she thinks she’s Gangsta, but she’s about as gangsta as Elmo in Scarface.

Papi is constantly emailing Microsoft to ask them to make the friends list infinite, because she can’t possibly fit the women she’s slept with this week into 90 slots. She’s presently playing Saint’s Row, so she can study how the characters act and copy them.

Xbox Live Avatar Tasha Williams The L Word

Tasha Williams
Tasha is a soldier and she looks sweet in uniform, or did, till someone "asked and told" and there was this whole big mess. It’s because queers can’t fight and die for their country, as even people that hate them and want rid don’t see that as a good thing (go figure?!).

As far as Xbox goes Tasha used to love playing Call of Duty, Brothers in Arms, Gears of War and all those shooters. Since getting back from Iraq though she prefers a game of Uno, ironic since Alice is probably going to tell her that’s what she prefers soon.

Xbox Live Avatar Carmen de la Pica Morales The L Word

Carmen de la Pica Morales
Carmen is a Latino hottie, rumor has it she’s actually Iranian and her real name is Aahoo Jahansouz, but she changed it because she kept thinking people sneezing were calling her… think about it! Carmen used to date Shane, they met playing Halo on Xbox Live, but Shane realized multi-player co-op just wasn’t the game for her and she deleted Carmen from her friends list. Now Carmen plays single player because all of Shane’s friends deleted her as well.

She was recently seen logging into Viva Pinata (oh come on! You knew it was coming!) and Guitar Hero World Tour. She’s really looking forward to the DJ Hero game Activision is apparently making.

Xbox Live Avatar Marina Ferrer The L Word

Marina Ferrer
Marina owned hip café The Planet and was hot! She spoke with this sultry thing that changed the word "Jenny" into "Shjenny" and she loved reading obscure books no one had heard of other than "Shjenny".

When Marina isn’t reading obscure books or hitting on straight / bi / confused / gay pixies, she sits at home – in her castle in Italy – playing Xbox Live with friends, none of whom reside in Vancouver.. err.. LA because although she was everyone’s friend when there, they all ignore her now like they do with Carmen. She was last seen logging into Eternal Sonata.


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  1. Avatar says:

    I don’t watch the l-word, so I can’t comment on the likenesses, but plenty of kudos are awarded for the sheer time & effort put into this article. nice one!

  2. Eden Hummel says:

    I dont know if it’s my web browser, but the borders cut off the text by 1/4.

  3. Comicgirl says:

    These are fantatsic! alot of time and effort has gone into making them.
    i love the Shane one. brilliant!
    Keep up the good work!

  4. hazelamy says:

    i had a feeling you’d do one of these.
    when are we going to see the home version?
    oh, one more thing, you don’t know alice’s gamertag do you?
    because, well you know.;)

  5. Tristen says:

    WOW !! I can’t believe how much these avatars actually look like the L Word characters. Amazing !! Love the comments about thier gaming interests.

  6. Slicey says:

    Brilliant. Love the descriptions. Kinda makes me wanna go play Xbox…like, right now.
    Well done. :)

  7. Dulze Adixion says:

    this is so funny!
    i love it!

  8. Maryanna says:

    I love Marina! She rocks

  9. federisus says:

    me too. i was so bummed in season 2 when marina was gone and jenny was till there. this is hella funny though

  10. Kayla says:

    I think they look really good but I dont think the Dana one and the Carmen one look quite right.

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