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Lesbian Gaming Tryst – Leeza X & Cindy Lennox from Headhunter and Resi Evil

Lesbian Gaming Tryst – Leeza X & Cindy Lennox from Headhunter and Resi Evil

Time for another Lesbian Tryst, this time we’ve got a couple of lesser known video game characters in the form of: Cindy from Resident Evil: Outbreak and Leeza X from Headhunter Redemption (both PS2). This suggestion was brought forth by the lovely Spotticus some time ago… sorry it took so long…. we got there in the end.

Leeza X appears in the PS2 title Headhunter: Redemption as the cool sidekick to Jack (aren’t they always the damn sidekick) as they face their fears as they try to redeem a world from chaos. Cindy Lennox appears in Resident Evil: Outbreak as a waitress working at J’s Bar in Raccoon City.

Leeza X from Headhunter Redemption and Cindy Lennox Resident Evil: Outbreak

Leeza and Cindy – The Headhunter and Waitress!

Don’t they make a lovely couple!

Thanks to our talented artiste Amanda once more for the image.
Thanks also to ‘Spotticus‘ for this suggestion.

If you’ve got a suggestion for a gaming lesbian tryst, just pop the names of the two gaming girls (characters) you’d like to see in a couples pose in the comments here and we’ll see what we can do.

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5 Responses to “Lesbian Gaming Tryst – Leeza X & Cindy Lennox from Headhunter and Resi Evil”

  1. spotticus says:

    WOW! Muy Caliente! Kudos to artiste Amanda. That is hotter than I could ever imagine. Thanks!!!!

  2. Ashley-Yin says:

    I finally thought of a nice couple… So how about Resi 5’s Sheva Olamar with Uncharted’s Elena Sulivan.

  3. Pescean says:

    I really like this picture!

  4. babycha says:

    Nice! One of my fav trysts so far.
    Suggestion: Seth Balmore and Ming Namura from Lost Odyssey. There was some serious tension from those two in that game, yet nothing happened :[

  5. dariax says:

    I like this lesbian tryst. Thanks for the site, only just found you guys.

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