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Rainbow Interactive GLBT gaming

Rainbow Interactive are a company that make PC games for the gay and lesbian market. According to the founder "Even in the new millennium, we as a community still have not achieved true social equality. This is true in every facet of our culture. In the video game industry, the GBLT community is either under-represented or stereotypically represented."

Well we all know that to be true. Rainbow Interactive are trying to change that by developing games that are specifically designed for the gay community. There are presently a few titles available at the Rainbow Interactive site along with ‘Go Go Rainbow!’ presently under development. Check them out and help support them as they seek to help us find our inner rainbow.

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2 Responses to “Rainbow Interactive GLBT gaming”

  1. Eden says:

    Strange, I’ve never heard of them before. Their website needs some work but it is great to see this sort of thing out there.
    Strange there aren’t more GLBT development studios around, or maybe like this one they’re just very quiet.

  2. Zefbot says:

    Best of luck to them.

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