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Flaming Dykasaurus do Guitar Hero

Flaming Dykasaurus do Guitar Hero

Every now and again there’s a quandary when writing, be it about gaming, or any other subject, that quandary is personal bias / community support conflict. We’re about the lesbian community here at Lesbian Gamers, a safe environment that covers gaming news other sites won’t, or news they do, but with a – female gamer – lesbian slant. With that in mind we were sent the following clip by The Flaming Dykasaurus, a Madison based comedy improv troupe that’s been going since 1996.

This is The Flaming Dykasaurus and their take on Guitar Hero. It’s a tough one and one you can mash out in the comments. On the one hand you have lesbians, who you want to support as part of the community. On the other hand you have a clip that you don’t really ‘get’ personally as it falls inline with that ‘Vagina Hero’ news piece that riled things up awhile back. We’re posting for both those reasons as we thought it would be wrong not to post it based on a personal negative perception, after all, we’re all different and some of you may find it amusing. It would also be interesting to note if perceptions differ with this one as it’s made by – and one would assume – for lesbian consumption, so to speak.

Good luck to the troupe regardless and here’s the clip, see what you guys think. Borderline NSFW.

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3 Responses to “Flaming Dykasaurus do Guitar Hero”

  1. Megruder says:

    I can’t help but bring up an article posted about a month ago about Vagina Hero. Personally, I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about either of these satirical ads, but I feel a little less uncomfortable with Vagina Hero. *Again, not entirely sure why.*
    Anyhow, I’d be interested to hear how some of the nay-sayers of Vagina Hero feel about this video. I realize the double-standard addressed in the Vagina Hero article is the humor content/level of female genitalia versus male genitalia. However, if an individual is going to slam a man for exploiting females in a video game, is it not only fair to slam these women. Just curious.
    *Kudos to LG for posting*

  2. Pescean says:

    LMAO!!! Oh dear, that’s hilarious.

  3. Eden says:

    @ Megruder and all
    I agree with what you’re saying Megruder, it is only fair. As a commenter for the Ripten article I thought I’d post by way of comparison. I didn’t like the Ripten piece, I thought it was childish and not at all amusing (though the artwork was well done) and the writers response here was just silly.
    Same applies here. I thought this was fairly funny for the first part and then felt it went too far to the point where I felt uncomfortable. I felt maybe it portrays lesbianism in a fairly one dimensional misleading manner.
    I suppose I’m slamming both. I don’t like being negative though and appreciate the efforts the gals put into the video, it just wasn’t for me.

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