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Lesbian Gaming Tryst – Cortana and Companion from Halo and Portal

Lesbian Gaming Tryst – Cortana and Companion from Halo and Portal

Here we are back with another Lesbian Tryst, this time we’ve got something different for you, it’s Cortana (Master Chief’s right hand woman) and her love for a certain special ‘companion’. Yes some call Cortana’s true love a square, but Cortana sees through that, in much the same way everyone can see through her.

We think it was commenter ‘TheFremen’ who threw this Lesbian Tryst idea at the artist, so thanks! We hope you like this Lesbian Gaming Tryst with Cortana and her box of love…. judging from the recent comments I’d like to say "This is a triumph! I’m making a note here… Huge success!!", though some of you may disagree, I think the artist deserves some cake for this one and the efforts herein! And yes, I am being so sincere right now.

Cortana from the game series Halo and Companion Cube from the game Portal

Cortana loves her special box!

Don’t they make a lovely couple!

Thanks to our talented artiste Amanda once more for the image.
Thanks also to ‘Thefremen‘ for this suggestion.

If you’ve got a suggestion for a gaming lesbian tryst, just pop the names of the two gaming girls (characters) you’d like to see in a couples pose in the comments here and we’ll see what we can do.

Other Lesbian Trysts can be found in the “Art & Fun” section in our navigation area.

Lesbian Tryst images remain the property of Hungry Designs and Lesbian Gamers. The artwork is the IP of the artist and should only be used elsewhere with watermark intact or with previous permissions from our PR. IP of initial character design remains the property of the initial designer.. these are a homage.

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5 Responses to “Lesbian Gaming Tryst – Cortana and Companion from Halo and Portal”

  1. Tenko says:

    I always thought the Cube was a male. Though it’s useful sometimes to use as a shield, it’s large, heavy and burdening. =P

  2. Thefremen says:

    Awww yeah!
    I just realized, if they got married, would the cake be moist and delicious or a lie?

  3. LovelyGirl says:

    She looks hot from the bottom down.

  4. Eden_Hummel says:

    At lest Cortana wouldnt toss her cube into a burning inferno, except the one in her heart.

  5. hazelamy says:

    look at that figure.
    right angles like that don’t come along very often 😉

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