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Animal Crossing Wilder Worlds – Article

Animal Crossing Wilder Worlds – Article

Given Animal Crossing City Folk on the Wii is now only mere months away (huzzah!) we thought we’d post a little article showing some cool customization you can do in the DS version of Animal Crossing (Animal Crossing: Wild World).

Animal Crossing Wilder Worlds shows you the seedy side of Animal Crossing on the DS, how celebrities retire there and evil dictators run grocery shops in the little towns of the AC universe… there’s even some gaming celebs living there.

Welcome to our journey into the Wild World of Animal Crossing. Unlike it’s Gamecube predecessor, Animal Crossing Wild World allows quite a bit of customization of both characters and environments. This led to the idea of this article.. setting up Animal Crossing characters in various well known settings and / or as well known celebrities / villains / gaming characters and / or situations.

Why? Well it’s simple really. Animal Crossing on the Gamecube lacked the ability to change the looks of in game characters to any huge degree. Animal Crossing Wild World on the Nintendo DS opens this up and it’s a lot of fun. So why not? It’s something different, which is always good.


Animal Crossing Wild World  Brokeback Mountain
‘Brokeback Mountain’ won lots of awards recently at the Octavias. The story of gay cowboy love was a huge hit in Animal Crossing Wild World.
Animal Crossing Wild World - Memoirs of a Geisha
The beautiful film ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ also did well at the Octavias, but failed to win Best Picture. Rumour has it she won the heart of Pinky though.
Animal Crossing Wild World - Fred Astaire
Where do the best dancers go when they’re gone? Well they move into Animal Crossing, that’s what Fred Astaire did. His review show is a hit.
Animal Crossing Wild World - Marilyn Monroe
Movies stars allegedly murdered by the mob, feel Animal Crossing town is far safer than Hollywood. Marilyn Monroe thinks so. (cleavage and
Animal Crossing Wild World Groucho Marx
Groucho Marx moved in recently, he likes hanging out at the library and hitting on Pelly and Phyllis in the Post Office. Wocka wocka.
Animal Crossing Wild World Gordon Ramsey
Hells Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay just can’t resist using harsh language**, even in the peaceful Hamlet (or omelet -Ed) of Animal Crossing.



Animal Crossing Wild World - Adolph Hitler
Animal Crossing has a seedy side, it’s a safe haven for those wishing to lead armies and rule worlds. By day he’s a grocer.
Animal Crossing Wild World - Jason Voorhees
Jason Vorhees was spotted lurking in the woods near the lagoon. He hasn’t been seen since and neither has popular resident Twiggy.


Animal Crossing Wild World - Halflife
Gordon Freeman** and the Combine come together in a sort of truce, though Gordon doesn’t look so sure and who can really blame him.
Animal Crossing Wild World Knight with Sword
The LARP group in Wild World is thriving, but everone wants to be a Paladin. Oh well, LARP armour available at Ables.
Animal Crossing Wild World - Call of Duty
Call of Duty, one of the greatest war titles ever released finds its way into Animal Crossing, but they only use rubber bullets.
Animal Crossing Wild World Mario and Luigi
It’s a me, Mario! Yes of course the moustached one finds his way into Animal Crossing, he’s the local plumber. Luigi is the local handyman.


Special thanks to Wencke, Tracy, Stevie, Amanda, Colin and Cat for their help, support and ideas.

** The ONLY screenshots on this page that were ‘tweaked’ were that of Gordon Freeman and Gordon Ramsay. Essentially it took an age to set up (making uniforms, walls, ordering props etc) and I then realised there was no goatee beard! So that was added to Gordon Freeman. The other Gordon, Hells Kitchen’s Gordon Ramsay had harsh language added in for dramatic effect. Everything else though is totally kosher.

Article by Angela

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    LOL!! Love it!

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    See, if I wasn’t interested in Animal Crossing before, I am now!

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