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Lesbian Gaming Tryst – Zoe Payne & Elise Riggs from SSX Snowboarding

Lesbian Gaming Tryst – Zoe Payne & Elise Riggs from SSX Snowboarding

We’re back with another of our Lesbian Gaming Trysts… this time it’s Zoe and Elise from snowboarding favorite SSX. Zoe Payne is the cool semi-goth boarder with the funky hair and attitude, her favorite reading material is the SAS Survival Guide. Elise Riggs is the smart talking Canadian, she’s 5’11” and loves rock climbing in her spare time.

Elise Riggs and Zoe Payne image below, so hot they melt snow!

Zoe Payne and Elise Riggs from the SSX snowboarding games

Thanks to our talented artiste Amanda once more for the image.

If you’ve got a suggestion for a gaming lesbian tryst, just pop the names of the two gaming girls (characters) you’d like to see in a couples pose in the comments here and we’ll see what we can do.

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Lesbian Tryst images remain the property of Hungry Designs and Lesbian Gamers. The artwork is the IP of the artist and should only be used elsewhere with watermark intact or with previous permissions from our PR. IP of initial character design remains the property of the initial designer.. these are a homage.

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2 Responses to “Lesbian Gaming Tryst – Zoe Payne & Elise Riggs from SSX Snowboarding”

  1. Zefbot says:

    Well I don’t know these characters or the game for that matter but they sure look dykey!

  2. smaggot08 says:

    Ah, never played a snowboarding game in my life, but if the female characters have this much clothes on then they have got to be worth something. lol
    Very nice work~

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