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Lesbian Gaming Tryst – Ulala & Judy Nails from Space Channel 5 and Guitar Hero

Lesbian Gaming Tryst – Ulala & Judy Nails from Space Channel 5 and Guitar Hero

Ulala & Judy Nails are our new Lesbian Gaming Tryst… yes it’s time for Ulala and Judy Nails to snuggle up together, which is cool since they’re two ladies with a natural rhythm.

Ulala appeared in the hit music game Space Channel 5 way back in 1999. She went on to star in Space Channel 5: Part 2 and Space Channel 5: Ulala’s Cosmic Attack. She was most recently spotted playing tennis in SEGA Superstars Tennis. Judy Nails is the hot rockin’ chick from the Guitar Hero games. She caused a bit of a stir when Neversoft decided to tart her up for Guitar Hero III.

Ulala and Judy Nails in their lesbian tryst below.

Ulala from music game Space Channel 5 and
Judy Nails from music game Guitar Hero

What a melody of hotness!

Thanks to our talented artiste Amanda once more for the image.

If you’ve got a suggestion for a gaming lesbian tryst, just pop the names of the two gaming girls (characters) you’d like to see in a couples pose in the comments here and we’ll see what we can do.

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Lesbian Tryst images remain the property of Hungry Designs and Lesbian Gamers. The artwork is the IP of the artist and should only be used elsewhere with watermark intact or with previous permissions from our PR. IP of initial character design remains the property of the initial designer.. these are a homage.

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7 Responses to “Lesbian Gaming Tryst – Ulala & Judy Nails from Space Channel 5 and Guitar Hero”

  1. Thefremen says:

    Well the last one I was thinking “oh my the magic is gone” but now this project has been fully redeemed in my eyes.
    They’d make a cute couple, although probably split very quickly as celeb/musician couples tend to do.

  2. Fat Lui says:

    They are really cool I tried to think of one but I cant right now but if i do i will put it in here. what about cortana fro Halo, but she would be hard to do because she’s see through. Not sure who she would go well with though, someone not see throuhg ^=^

  3. Eden says:

    Now if only Judy had looked that good in Guitar Hero III
    I might still be playing it.

  4. Thefremen says:

    I didn’t like the character redesigns in GH3 either. Also, why’d they get rid of two characters? O.o

  5. smaggot08 says:

    Wow…I can never draw in that style, they look really good together. Though I only know one of those ladies–Judy Nails.
    The other one looks just as cute though.

  6. Pescean says:

    Fuck. Yeah. The two look great together.

  7. Tawnya Callan says:

    Thanks-a-mundo for the blog post. Much thanks again. Fantastic.

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