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Microsoft’s My Lips and other news

As you may or may not be aware it is Microsoft Gamerday 2008 in San Fransisco and there are a few things coming to light we thought you should know about. Sadly one of them isn’t the Microsoft’s Lips or My Lips device. The device was said to be unveiled at the event, but didn’t appear (because they’re keeping it for E3 along with the Xiimote / Newton – assuming they exist).

My Lips is said to be a voice input device for Xbox 360. We’ve got no idea if it’s true, given the Xbox 360 headset is a voice input device. Other things coming out of the event… Gears of War 2 will feature a ‘romantic storyline’ and no female playables were mentioned. Viva Pinata 2 is due out in November and looks cute (VP is also out soon for DS). Left for Dead (the upcoming zombie title) looks awesome and has a female playable character! Huzzah!


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4 Responses to “Microsoft’s My Lips and other news”

  1. spotticus says:

    Yay for a female playable character! And Zombies!

  2. SweetTalentedOne says:

    I agree with spotticus! A female zombie slasher should be awesome.

  3. Zefbot says:

    Gosh, how hard can it be to program games so that you can choose a male or female avatar at the beginning? Most storylines would then simply need he/him words changed to she/her etc.
    Surely there are enough female gamers around to warrant that.
    To take it a step further, they could even ask you at the beginning what love interest gender you prefer, in games that a romantic interest is included. Not holding my breath on the last point but it would be simple to do. Because frankly, even though I’d rather be a female avatar, I want to be a female avatar saving the princess not the prince.

  4. Thefremen says:

    @Zefbot it actually takes a lot of work to create the art and animation and dialogue for a main character in a game. Scripting wise it isn’t that hard, I know I’ve written gender/sexual orientation neutral modules for NWN and plenty of other folks have as well.

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