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Games That Should Be Re-Made

We’re compiling a list of video games we think deserve being remade. Sure we know a lot of gaming remakes suck and some we’ve already compiled fall into the sequel category more than the remake category. That said we’d love your input (via comments or email). What games do you think would do great as a remake? Perhaps there’s something you played on the Atari, Amiga, Coleco or whatever retro platform it may be. Perhaps there was something on a newer platform like the PS1 or 2 that disappeared by the wayside?

We’ll be putting up the listing as a full article in a few weeks. If you’ve got a suggestion, let us know what game, its original format and how you envision it today- and on what format(s). Some games deserve their lifeline continuing yet at times it feels as though those that truly deserve it are binned, whilst other less deserving counterparts live on… wow… gaming is just like real life… go figure.

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9 Responses to “Games That Should Be Re-Made”

  1. teh spikey says:

    Those classic LucasArts adventure games, like Monkey Island and Full Throttle. Both PC games originally, I imagine they would be best to stay on that platform… Though it would be interesting to see how an adventure game would play on the wii
    Also, I’d love to see a remake of Shining Force. Add a bit more strategy and complexity to battles, a turn order queue, etc.. Some more story background would be nice too. Originally on the Sega Mega Drive, a remake would work well on any console, id imagine.

  2. Zefbot says:

    teh spikey I also used to love those old LucasArts adventure games. I think Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis was my very first pc game. Stubbornly finished it without cheating! Also loved Day of the Tentacle.
    I think those point and click adventures would work very well on the Wii as it would be very natural to use the Wiimote to point to an object and view it or pick it up or whatever. Whatsmore some of the puzzle elements to an adventure game could also implement the Wiimote.
    Oooh yeah, Shining Force and Shining in the Darkness brings back memories too.
    One of my very favourite console games though was Alex Kidd in Miracle World (it being the built in game for the Sega Master System). Alex Kidd was quite a good little franchise for a while. Perhaps they could remake some of them.

  3. svissmiss says:

    final fantasy vi — classic snes rpg with two central female chars. some of nobuo uematsu’s best music. i know square will never do it, too into new ff’s. but i would still love to play one of their best stories with ps3 graphics and a much improved battle engine
    p.s. LOVED full throttle, teh spikey. :) that biker chick…what’s her name…she was hot

  4. Thefremen says:

    X-wing and Tie Fighter both should be remade.
    Is it just me or does everyone here just love Lucasarts titles?

  5. Digital Angel says:

    A couple of old (in video gaming terms) Sega titles Sub-Terrania & Red Zone should both me remade. They were both uber tricky and gave me absolute nightmares, but with some minor tweaks and a graphic upgrade or two, they’d be awesome now.

  6. felinette says:

    OMG lots, but I’ll try to narrow it down: Ultima Underworld (the game that made me go out and buy my first PC), Daggerfall, the early Might and Magic games, the Gabriel Knight series, the first couple of Rainbow Six games, the first couple of Heroes of Might and Magic games, Privateer, the Wing Commander series, Crusader: No Remorse and No Regret, X-COM: UFO Defense, Wolfenstein, and yeah, X-Wing and Tie Fighter.
    Basically, everything I played and loved “back then”. lol. I’ve probably forgotten tons, too.
    For the remakes–all I’d be looking for is improved graphics (and bug fixes, of course). Leave everything else as is–don’t tinker with classics. I’d play these games over and over again, if only they looked better and ran well on today’s hardware.

  7. teh spikey says:

    Maureen, AKA “Mo”.. And yes, I thought she was hot too 😀

  8. Jess says:

    I loved that game…

  9. Quirky Koala says:

    The original Phantasy Star for the master system. There have been other releases under the Phantasy Star name but none of them came near to the greatness of the original.
    I also agree with svissmiss – X-Wing, would love to see it on ps3.

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