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Blood Ties the game

Came across this little title and thought you all might be interested. Yes apparently it’s Blood Ties the PC game, a little downloadable title. Hopefully you’ll have more luck than we did when you download the trial, since we didn’t even get to play it before it removed the 60 minute play time in about 12 seconds.

Should someone brave the download and actually get Blood Ties the video game to work, please pop into the comments just what you thought of it… we would be ‘eternally’ grateful as ole Henry Fitzroy might say. We would have given you a little review of it, but $20 is a little bit much. Good luck with downloading that demo!


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7 Responses to “Blood Ties the game”

  1. Thefremen says:

    As someone who was not aware of this show I feel unqualified to give my opinions. I didn’t know someone did a mashup of x-files and moonlight!

  2. Angela says:

    TheFremen if you like slightly camp vampire / investigative shows like those you’ve mentioned you should definitely give Blood Ties a go.
    It’s available on R1 DVD and also there are loads of clips on YouTube if you do a search for ‘Blood Ties’.

  3. J-Bird says:

    Pretty simple game. I got the free download and played for over an hour. It is a simple seek and find – picture style – where you have a list of items to find in the location. The graphics are pretty good. I got through 7 levels without needing a hint. Point and click – nothing more. Cute story, although the TV series is better than this game. Really quick play and no depth – so I wouldn’t pay for it.

  4. Angela says:

    Thanks J-Bird!
    Great little rundown you’ve done there and much appreciated.
    Glad to hear it actually worked for you.
    No sign of Christina Cox in it then? ;op

  5. Thefremen says:

    Thanks J-bird and Angela. I’ll have to program my DVR and watch ’em after I’m through the current season of Torchwood.

  6. Pan says:

    Honestly, I thought the game was a bit too point and click. The attempts to give plot were embarrassing. I’d stick to the show.

  7. Zefbot says:

    Pity the show was cancelled or this would hold more interest. Might keep it in mind for a rainy day.

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