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Borderlands slipage and female characters

You may recall we mentioned Take Two Interactive and Gearbox Software title Borderlands a while ago with regards to being ‘One To Watch’, well now it seems you’ll have to watch it next year. Yes Borderlands has slipped into 2009, with "additional development" being blamed for the slipage.

On the upside we contacted Gearbox about the female content of Borderlands and this is what they had to say "Borderlands will feature female characters prominently as key playable characters." So there you have it, female characters and more importantly playable ones at that. Also note the plurality of characters and not character. So, some bad news and some good news.

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  1. Codi says:

    Hey, this is cool news. I think this looks like a good game and I was really hopeful that there would be some female playable characters. Thanks for the info!

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