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DJ Hero by Activision – Carmen rowwrrr

Be prepared to get in touch with your Carmen de la Pica Morales side because Activision has filed a trademark for ‘DJ Hero’. Yes folks you know what this means don’t you, a cool DJ Decks game controller must surely be in the offing, given Activision are of course the publishers for Guitar Hero.

It won’t be the first turntable based video game peripheral released, as Konami released Beatmania back in 1997 (Arcade), but given this will have the full backing of the ‘Hero’ trademark, we can only assume big things for it. Yes ladies if this gets released you can be the hot dyke DJ in your own living room.

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  1. Vou says:

    man will this be out, sounds like fun, i can imagine all the hours of madness already. nice!

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