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Asellus in SaGa Frontier – Lesbianism on PS1

Thought we’d take a look at a bit of a retro title with alleged lesbian content. SaGa Frontier is a title that was released on the PS1 in Japan in 1997 and in the U.S. in 1998. The game is a role-playing title featuring various characters, at least two of which are thought to be lesbians.

Lady Asellus is a character that appears in the SaGa Frontier and is said to have more than a little bit of the dyke vibe about her (if sprites can). She’s mentored by a princess in the story and they become love interests for one another until tragedy eventually strikes. Along with this main storyline in which the princess and lady are constant companions, there is also a seamstress named Gina in the game who professes her love for Lady Asellus and some sources suggest marries her in one of the games alternate endings. This content is thought to have been removed from the non Japanese version however (though we’re not clear on this, so if anyone knows please add to the comments).

So there you have it, a lesbian in a video game way back in 1997, who’d have thunk it. There also appears to be quite the lesbian subtext running through other characters within the story and Asellus interacts and has many of these women join her along the way.

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  1. The lesbian subtext is still pretty strong in the US version of the game. In fact, in the “Bad” ending where Asellus embraces her full Mystic heritage, she overthrows the Charm Lord Orlouge and takes his place as the tyrannical ruler of Fascinaturu. She then starts collecting wives–the one we see is the seamstress Gina!

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